Monday, October 10, 2011

S'more Much Fun Continued.

I wanted to share what we did for the invitations, party favors and decorations that we had at my son's Outdoor Alaskan Party. If you missed my previous post with all the S'more yummy goodness you can read that post here.

First I'll share where and why we chose this type of party for a 2-year old.

My son loves Moose! He has two stuffed moose that sleeps with him every night and we have to take at least one with us on long road trips. He gets excited any time he sees moose. Luckily we live in Alaska so he gets the opportunity to see Moose (From a distance of course :-) )

The other thing my son loves is his "house." He has a Little Tykes Log Cabin Playhouse and it is his house! It has several windows, a half door, a table with a couple of chairs, and a fake fireplace. It so far has been one of my best finds on Craigslist. I've only seen him openly invite his daddy, sister, and myself  to have a seat in his cabin. Unfortunately, he freaks out and pushes others out of his house even his poor sweet baby cousin. (We are still working on the share the house thing.)

So this was the invite I designed and made for the party. I loved how it turned out. And it looks just like his cabin!

His Banner was pretty simple this year, Kraft cardstock and green fleece letters. Simple but cute for this party. (Thanks to one of my dearest friends for helping me finish this!)

My husband helped me with the rustic signs in the yard. I LOVED how they all turned out!

The Moose Crossing sign with significant places and their distances from us. 

The other side of the sign with more significant places and their distances. Like I said I love how these turned out, and love how they are customized to my little guy. (btw, I'm a HUGE Boston RedSox fan (no, I don't want to talk about how the season ended.)

Mason Jars for rustic lighting. We used floating candles in water then tied them to the fence using jute. (Thanks to my father-in-law for hanging them.) Unfortunately, it was beyond windy that day and they wouldn't stay lit. I was a little sadden by that, but they were still cute. 

We handed out S'mores Pops as one of the favors. You can find instructions how to make these and others here.  We made ours with the jumbo Marshmallows then put them in a cello bag and tied them with jute. 

And I loved how these favor bags turned out! The idea came from these adorable halloween favors. I decided to make my own marshmallows so I could have the moose shapes. I'm so glad I did. The marshmallows were way easier than I thought they were going to be and I can't wait to make them again!

We put the favors in brown paper bags to hand out to the guests. If you didn't want to do that they would look great in a basket like this and guests could just grab as they left. 

And this is the adorable Birthday Shirt my little guy got to wear on his Birthday. His grammy made the shirt based off of the invite. The best part, she didn't even have the invite yet, she used an iPhone pic! She's just to good!

She was so sweet to make another for the little guy and even made baby sis one too. Aren't they cute???

And last but not least, this is a tote bag that my sister-in-law made for my little guy for his birthday. It has a couple of pockets inside perfect for holding a couple of sippy cups and there is plenty of room for snacks, books, etc. He loves it, of course it's because it has a moose on it. (Here's my shameless plug for my SIL) If you like this bag my SIL has them listed in her Etsy Shop. You can find the moose bag here 

Although I loved all the recipes, favors, and decorations, and gifts, the best part about the party was spending it with the people we love! 

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!


  1. What a great idea! Also, those smores look so yummy!

  2. What a cute post! Love the signs and "house" and how special you must have made his day :). Dawn--your neighbor in Wasilla.


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