Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Cone Advent Calendar Tutorial

Advent Calendars and Countdowns to Christmas, these are traditions that we never have had before. The only thing close to a "countdown" would be the December Daily album I did last year. So I started thinking, "Do I want to do an Advent Calendar?" If I do how do I want to do it and how much money do I want to put into not only the calendar, but the tokens and gifts for each day? Or do I just want to have an Advent Calendar of Activities? So many choices, what to do? Well, I came up with one that can hold a chocolate or two just right :-) or could even hold a small ball or matchbox car!

So I did it and I love it and want to share it with you today!

Paper: 9 sheets of 12x12 patterned Christmas papers (I used 7 different styles of coordinating patterned paper)
Adhesive: I used a glue stick and scotch tape
Various small tags
Printed Numbers or Sticker Numbers
Scissors or Paper Trimmer
Hole Punch
Hershey Kisses or Other Candy or small gift

Take your 12x12 sheet and fold point to point, cut along fold line to get two triangles.

Then take only one of the triangles and fold again point to point, and cut along fold line to get two smaller triangles. You should have one large triangle and two small triangles from one 12x12 sheet of paper. Do this with the rest of your papers mixing up the sizes until you have a total of 25 large and small triangles.

This is where it gets tricky. If you've made your own pastry bags it might not be as tricky, but I have made my own and I still find it tricky. Position the triangle so you are holding the main point in your left hand so that it creates the long line on the right side (top & bottom points on right side).

With the main point in your left hand, take the bottom point Roll it gently (don't fold) until the bottom point meets the main point. If you are using paper that is printed on one side and white on the other, the printed side should roll up and touch the white side. You will know if you got it right if it looks like it is starting to take the shape of a cone.

Now, take your glue stick and add glue to the edges of the top half of the triangle. This will help to hold your cone together as you roll and you will be able to use less scotch tape at the end.

Now wrap the top half of the triangle around the bottom half until the top point meets the main point on the backside of the cone. (You should have the bottom point on the inside and the top point of the outside of the main point). You may need to work with aligning the top edge but you can do it.

The point should not have a very big hole at all, if it does re-wrap the top half until you get it all lined up.

Now that all three points are where they are supposed to be and you like the way they are lined up, you can add some scotch tape, if needed, to secure it together.

Now the easy part. Take your numbers and place them on the cones!  I used my Cricut machine to make up various shaped tags and used various number stickers in coordinating colors.

Attach the number tags to the cones. I used my mini stapler.

Punch holes in back of cone for the ribbon. Tie the ribbon through the punched hole. Depending on where you will hang them will determine the length you will need. 

Now you are ready to hang your cones.

I chose to hang the cones on our little trees in the foyer. Bean will get to see it first thing in the morning and I think it looks super cute!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and counting down the days until Christmas! Do you have an advent calendar or some way of counting down the days until Christmas?

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