Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!!!!

Ahhh, It's finally December! So what does that mean? Well, from clear observation it seems like the perfect time for people to be even more busy, crazy, and "spendy" then they are any other time of the year. Whew, doesn't it just wear you out thinking about all the activity and hustle and bustle the next 25 days will bring?? And, I'M one to talk. Last week I got out all my Christmas Cookbooks that I use every year, so I could start making up my list of goodies that I want to make before Christmas. I have no idea how many cookies, candies, and sweet treats I actually make but I know it's an insane amount and I LOVE doing it. This year might be a bit more of a challenge then years past since I have two little ones. For example, the other night I was making a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies and I almost forgot the...PEANUT BUTTER! I mean seriously?? Yeah, I'm having to like quadruple check myself on everything. It's all good though. I like to eat the goodies, but more importantly I really enjoy giving them away. Everyone seems to enjoy homemade goodies and it is a way for me to be the giver that I really like to be. I just love it and it really is a huge part of our Christmas tradition.

There are a just a couple of books missing, but this is most of my Christmas stash. And yes, I usually make or bake something from each book! Most of the books here are Gooseberry Patch then I also use Taste of Home and some other odds and ends including the internet. But with Gooseberry Patch, Who need Pinterest?? LOL

I also love to do a ton of Christmas crafts! I really need to start doing these things earlier. I know my husband would enjoy it more if I did. :-) But this year I have my Etsy shop too and so I'm trying to balance out crafts and activities for me and the kids and items to put in my shop.

I'm working on a set of these to list in my Etsy Shop. They are way cuter than what this iPhone pic shows!

For years now we have gone out and cut our own Christmas tree and that has become one of my truly most favorite traditions.  It doesn't matter if I've been pregnant or have a 2-month in tow, we go out for our tree. It's a bit of work with having to bring so many layers just to trudge through the snow, but in the end we are happy with our tree. And let me tell you, our trees are not necessarily full and lush and beautiful. We've had years that we've brought them home and set them up and noticed that half the back side is missing. LOL!!! Those are fun times AND we always seem to have at least one "Griswald" moment! I'm still waiting for a squirrel to come flying at me, could you imagine??

This is a pic from last year. I was 9 months pregnant and the little guy was 15 months old. We had a ton of fun and followed up the tree hunting journey with hot cocoa! 

So last year I decided to start journaling everyday in December and start scrapbooking our moments and memories. Some days are uneventful, but with two kids this year, I'm certainly looking forward to a more eventful December!

One way to do this, is to use the system Ali Edwards has designed "December Daily" . She has all kinds of tips and has a flicker gallery set up for inspiration and ideas. You can also go here and here for more inspiration and ideas.

There are several different ways to do the December Daily, personally I like Ali Edwards design and love her ideas, but it's not really me. I take some of what she has and then add what I like about Christmas to it. Here is another bloggers ideas for doing December Daily for this year. If you need help with prompts you can subscribe to Katrina Kennedy's 31 December Daily Prompt List. For now I'm not certain if I will do just 25 days or the entire month of December like I did last year. I do like the idea of including all the New Years Eve and Day activities, but it is one more week of journaling and pictures... I do know I like the size of Ali's book 8.5x6 just because there are more options with various pictures sizes ( being able to use both portrait and landscape 5x7 size photos).

Here are some of the papers I used for my "December Daily" last year. Obviously I did it on my own and this is it in the beginning stages. I did a 6x12 size and I won't do that again. I wanted a lot of pics, but I was kind of limited to the size of pics I could use. Stayed tuned for more pics from last years and pics from this years "December Daily" journey. 

So it's time for me to get busy and hopefully stay on top of it this year. I am hoping to have one or two listed in my shop. I know it's already December, but if you start taking pics and journaling a little each day all you will just have to do is add them to the album. Hopefully I can get at least one done....

What are some of your favorite things and traditions during the month of December?

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