Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dr Seuss & Candy Bar Theme Centerpiece

I thought I'd share some of the centerpieces we had at the graduation party. The centerpieces were all my mom's idea and I was so proud and way impressed with what she came up with!!! (Of course I don't know why, my creativity had to come from somewhere right?!?)

It really is a super quick & easy centerpiece using jelly beans, glass vases, pinwheels, and a few other goodies to "stuff" in there. 

 Although I don't have a complete tutorial with pictures for you today I thought I would go ahead and try to tell you how the centerpieces come together. 

So this is what you will need for the centerpieces:
- Clear vases mom found most of hers at the Goodwill super cheap
- Brightly colored Jelly Beans (the sour ones are my FAV!!! mmm.....) 
- Bamboo Skewers ( you know the same ones for kebobs - I must be getting hungry. I digress now...) 
- Paint chips in coordinating colors (FREE!!)
- Pinwheels (You can buy them or make some of these on your own)
- Wallet size photos 
- Other fillers- we used graduation suckers and other types of suckers
- Helium balloons
- Ribbons
- Adhesive: Glue stick or scrapbook adhesive
- Hot Glue

Attach one of the photos to a paint chip using glue stick or scrapbook adhesive. You will want to have two photo's per centerpiece so the bamboo skewer doesn't show. So if you want six centerpieces, you will need a total of twelve photos .  My sister's open house was shared with our cousin so we had her picture on one paint chip and his picture on another. **If you aren't sharing the open house a cute idea would be to use a kindergarten picture on one side and a senior picture on another. Or if you are using this for a pre-school or kindergarten graduation use a first and last day of school picture. **

Once all of the photo's have been attached to the paint chips, you will want to hot glue one of the  paint chips to one side of the bamboo skewer. Let dry, then attach the second paint chip, with hot glue, to the other side. Kind of like a sandwich with the skewer being in the middle and the paint chips being the bread. (another food analogy....)

Fill vase with jelly beans. Try not to eat to many....

Place the "photo-skewer" in center of vase. 
I know this isn't a very "centered" photo,  just work with me people ;-) 

 Then fill with fillers, ie.,  suckers,  pinwheels, whimsical little butterflies:
Mom found these cute butterflies at the Dollar Tree. 

Some fabric flower "lollipops" I made using knit fabrics then I attached to lollipop sticks. They turned out SO cute! Don't you think?

Attach balloons & ribbons around the center and set on your tables.

Easy peasy and dare I say CUTE!!! You can add or leave out as many of the "fillers" as you want. Totally a personal choice and anything goes here! And I'm not gonna lie, I had so much fun eating the sour jelly beans after the open house! There were two whole vases of those things and I was the only one that liked the sour ones so YUMMY!!! Don't worry, I paced myself. LOL!!! 

Would love to hear what you think!

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