Monday, January 30, 2012

January In Review

Well, January has definitely been a non-creative, non-motivating month for me. I feel like I have literally been frozen in neutral! This morning was the first morning I woke up, in I don't know how long to above zero temperatures, It was a balmy four degrees!

I love, love the snow but cannot handle the continuous negative degree temperatures we've had. I know a lot of people think of Alaska and think it's just always cold and dark, but for Anchorage, to have that cold of temps for that long is unusual. And Lord willing, I will never experience living in the horrible negative fifty or negative eighty temps! I love Alaska, but I don't love anything that much! So, I'm excited to say, that if my iPhone weather app is right, I don't see any negative temperatures in the near future and for that I am very thankful!

So besides the cold weather, since the beginning of January I have been working non-stop on my daughters birthday party decorations. I love how they turned out, but felt like everything was working against me. First the invitations, I just couldn't get them to work or turn out the way that I wanted to until a week before the party. I still have to make family members theirs, I just had to get done the invites to the local friends so they would arrive in time! So frustrating. And then for everything, including the invites, I had a supply issue. I had the hardest time between our two Jo-ann stores and two Michaels stores finding the paper that I wanted and enough of it! Then it was impossible to find a Cricut mat for my machine! If I would have had more time I would have just ordered something online, but i didn't. I made what I had work and that was that! I finally got everything finished and decorated while the guests were arriving... thankfully they were my closest friends who know me the best and know I'm always late! :-)

The cake, food, and decorating would not have happened without my WONDERFUL hubby! He was awesome and did everything exactly how I wanted it! Thanks hubby, I Love You!

Besides the party I haven't done a whole let else. On the Facebook Fanpage we had a giveaway for  hitting 200 fans!! JSol Photography was the winner of the Love Banner! Congrats to her! I have another banner that is similar listed in my Etsy shop

Sweet Baby Girl Modeling the Banner for me. Isn't she adorable??

This "LOVE" banner is made with specialty paper. The background paper has a pearl finish and the swirl vines are flocked. It really is beautiful paper and I love "collecting" that type of paper! LOL but I think I found a good use for it here!

I'm hoping to have a couple of Valentine's Day tutorials up over the next couple of weeks, but probably won't have a lot of new listings in the shop. Keep checking though because you just never know :-) 

I'm also hosting a giveaway for a Necklace and Earring Set Sponsored by Pizzelwaddel's Etsy Shop. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, whether you keep the set for yourself or give it to that special someone! Giveaway ends Friday, Feb. 4th @Midnight EST. Be sure to enter, there are low-entries!

I'll be posting some pics of my daughters party soon. So be sure and stop back by! 

Have you been busy in the month of January or did you spend the time recovering from the holidays?

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