Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 and New Years Goals

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone! I know it’s a tad late, but I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays!

 This was the photo that we used for our Christmas card this year, it was so much fun taking the pictures! You all know how much my little guy LOVES his cabin, if not, you can see how much he loves by what we did for his 2nd Birthday Party in this and this post.

So with the New Year comes time for us (meaning myself and husband) to reflect on the past year and set up goals for the upcoming year. In no particular order, I have a few personal goals, crafting goals, family, and household goals. I’m positive I will not achieve all of my goals, but I will most certainly try to reach the goals set for the year.

Some of my personal goals are to try to get in better health so I can possibly have a 3rd little one! My first two are 16 months apart; I had pre-eclampsia with my first and didn’t have the best deliveries with either, and had bouts of post-partum depression with each. SO, as much as I love my kiddo’s I think it’s time for me to start taking care of me a bit more. Of course this would be easier, if my youngest would just get all her teeth in and start sleeping through the night again…. :-)

To help with my personal goal I’ve decided that whether I walk or run it, I am going to do the Mayor’s Half-Marathon this year in June. It is a race that my husband and I have made an annual event, but I’ve yet to do the half, only the five-miler. So, we have already, yes, already, signed me up for the half marathon and he has signed up for the full marathon. It’s do or die now!! So, although this is a crafting blog you may see me post from time to time about my trek to run/walk the Mayor’s Half-Marathon. Just cheer me on and come back for something crafty!

Now for my crafting goals, well, Pinterest does not help with this! There are so many ideas out there not only for inspiration, but also that I think would be so neat and fun to create myself for my home or kiddo’s. So, maybe one of my goals should be to “pin” less?? Nah…

Seriously, my husband got me this Journal/Notebook (with a pen) so I can jot down all the “wonderful” Ideas I come up with so I don’t forget them. You know the ideas you get in your head when you lay down at night and then you can’t sleep because you are afraid you will forget them? Yep, problem solved, I’ll just jot them down in my “handy, dandy “Notebook!” I LOVE it, and have been going crazy jotting down and sketching ideas for my daughters upcoming Birthday, as well as Valentine’s Day.

My Etsy shop will remain open, however; it will have less custom orders so that I can spend the time with my little ones while they are still little. I love my blog and all of my blog readers so I will be focusing more on it for the time being. I cannot guarantee how many tutorials I will have a week or month, but I will definitely share with you what I’m working on or what is inspiring me.

Family goals are the ones where we try to plan all the big activities for the year. Most of the time this means we are planning our summer trips. Since summer is only about 3 good months of warmer weather, we like to play hard! I think I would like to go to Homer, AK this year; we will have to see if it makes the list! I’m also, going to be getting my little ones in more activities. I know they are little, but we all get a little tired staying cooped up in the house. It’s a little while yet until May, and well, talk about Cabin Fever!

Household goals are never ending but the main one and biggest is ORGANIZE!!! Maybe you have something similar, but this is a definite one for us this year. We were planning last year to be the year to organize, but we had our littlest one in January and she took up a bit of time, and it actually ended up being the year to replace appliances and that was definitely not planned! But every month, for about the first six months, something broke and either needed to have major repairs or be completely replaced. I’m so hoping that doesn’t happen this year!

Sorry for the long post! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I would love to hear what some of your Resolutions for the New Year are!

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