Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New Look!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as I know some are actually having a 3-day weekend due to the Holiday today! Yay, for you all! 

It has stopped snowing and instead we have been having below zero temps, it's -2 right now, quite the heat wave from -17 from last night...brrr.....

Anyhow, I'm sure you all have now had a chance to look at the blogFacebook, or my Etsy shop to discover there have been some changes made! I'm so loving the new design work that Brooke at Get Outta My Head Please has done!

The previous Header was designed by Mallory over at House Of Hydrangeas and she designed it specifically for my Etsy shop and Facebook Fanpage. Since then I've started blogging, tweeting, Google+, Pinning, Blog Frogging, Stumbling and well....just expanding. I love what she did for me and I definitely appreciate it as a starting point while I was/am trying to figure out what I'm doing. Thanks Mallory!

So I'm going to give a little "tour" to hopefully help you to navigate around a little easier. 

What do all these buttons mean?? T=Twitter, F=Facebook, P=Pinterest, E=Email, BF= TheBlogFrog Community, G+=Google Plus, SU=Stumble Upon, Rss=Subscribe using Reader

I'm also offering advertising space. If you are interested and have questions please feel free to email me about fees and/or sponsoring a post or giveaway. 

And for all you bloggers looking for a new look, be sure and stop over to Brooke's Blog over at Get Outta My Head Please as she has a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now!

Thanks for stopping by today! How do you like the new look? 

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