Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Simple Fall Book Page Banner

Today I'm going to tell you how to make the quick & easy book page banner that I made for my Fall Mantel this year. Would you believe I didn't even you my hot glue gun??? Yep, I sure didn't and it is a very temporary banner that can easily be changed out and reused or taken down. Whatever suits your fancy!

This is also a little different than my normal tutorial, mainly because as I got started I totally changed my original idea and just kind of came up with it as I went and so I didn't get a bunch of pictures along the way.  Most of it is pretty self explanatory though.  So on to the tutorial...


  • an old book you don't mind tearing pages from
  • paint: I used a Burnt Sienna, Antique Gold, Avocado, & Burgundy 
  • foam paint brush
  • baby food jar or another container to mix paint
  • eyelet lace
  • various size clothespins
  • misc. fall picks, leaves, berries, flowers, etc.

I started out by tearing the pages from the book. For this project I tore out 8 sheets. Originally, I thought I would spell out "Thankful" but decided I wanted to leave the pages blank. So the amount of sheets is totally up to however many you think you would need, plus 8 worked out perfect (without trimming) for the length of my fireplace mantel.

Next, get your paint and jar. Add a little of the paint and then a little bit of water to thin the paint down. You want to thin the paint so you can see the wording of the book. Sorry I didn't measure this I was just going for a consistency that I liked. I didn't want it so thin that I would just "wet" the paper and possibly tear it, but I also wanted it thin enough so that I could see the words of the book page. Hope that makes sense. 

Then grab your foam brush and start to paint (make sure to protect the surface underneath your page.) There are several different ways you can paint your pages. I wet my brush once and started painting at the bottom so that the paint was thicker on the bottom. As the brush dried out it was thinner at the top. Also, if I got a little more paint on the page than I wanted I had a baby wipe nearby that I could immediately wipe off the paint to get it a little thinner. 

You will continue to do this same process on all your sheets with all your paints. 
Set aside and let dry completely. 

Now, that was the hardest and longest part of this whole project! 
The next thing I did was take my eyelet lace and hang it up on my fireplace mantel. (I just used some transparent tape). Once I had it hung up I then started hanging up my pages with various sized clothespins.
Under each clothespin I added different fall elements: leaves, flowers, berry picks. Etc.

NOTHING has been glued down. Everything has been attached to the lace with the clothespins!
Now, if you want it to be a little more permanent you could most certainly glue the lace to the pages or punch holes at the top of the pages and string the lace through the holes. 

And there it is on my Fall Mantel. I really love how it turned out! What do you think? Have you ever made anything with book pages?

Haven't seen my Fall Mantel yet? You can find that post here, and my Fall Entry Way Table here.

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