Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Mantel 2012... A Little Old With A Little New

Hey Everyone, I'm so excited to share my Fall Mantel with you all! I think this is honestly the first year I've had my mantel completely decorated for Fall, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

I took a lot of what I already had and added a few new things and couldn't be happier. It's kind of rustic with some natural elements, like twigs from my backyard and burlap for texture. I think it turned out nice without being to "cutesy", or at least I think so ;-)

Here are a few of the things that I already had. The cute little pumpkins I've had for I don't know how long and don't remember where I got them. I just placed them in a few different spots along the mantle.  I also had the wooden candlesticks so I added some fall colored candles to them. 

I have a ton of burlap left over from my little guy's birthday party last year and it made the perfect runner for the mantel this year! I get so excited when I can actually re-use something like that. Simple, but cute & affordable!

I see tons of fall printables on Pinterest, and there are SO many to choose from and I love them all!
This one seemed perfect for us and our fall mantel. 
 You can snatch this free printable up over at the The Crafted Sparrow.

The flowers were made using wool felt and buttons in the center. 
The free pattern & tutorial can be found at

The twigs and sticks were pretty easy to come by since we recently had some crazy wind storms! In a way it was kind of nice to be able to have a choice of which sticks I wanted to use ( not that I care to ever have a storm like that again!) but it was nice to have "real" sticks instead of just the little, itty bitty ones I usually find. 

This little banner is what I was the MOST excited about! I loved making it and love how it looks up on my mantel! And, it was so, so easy to make. I'll be sharing a tutorial for it later this week. 

The leaf art is something else I made last year and I liked it, but wasn't quite sure how I was going to incorporate it into my decor. I love how they fit in the mantle this year, glad I didn't give up on them.  

My little guy loves the little tin jack-o-lantern on the mantel. When I set it out he got all excited and just yelled out "Halloween!" I was a little surprised by his excitement over it, but it was so cute seeing him so excited. Just never know what is going to make them happy :-)

And that's my Fall Mantel. Soon, it will be filled with Halloween and then Christmas! Kind of crazy huh?

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